Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The book is in process!!! Tentative Table of Contents~

Skinned to the Bone:

Aggressive Music in the Contemporary World

 Edited by: Eric James Abbey


Colin Helb

Table of Contents


Jeremy Wallach, Ph. D, Bowling Green State University

Food For Thought:

Sid Vicious’s Cannibalization of Sinatra’s “My Way” 

Evan Ware, University of Michigan

Wrath from the Left:

Punk Goes Political at the Dawn of the Dead Kennedys     

Jonathan A. Berz, Freelance Music Writer

Let the Shillelagh Fly:

Dropkick Murphys and Irish Hybridity in Punk Rock        

Sean Ahern, Bowling Green State University

Am I Evil?

The meaning of metal lyrics to its Fans                 

Mika Elovaara, Ph. D, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Controlled aggression:

the civilizing of heavy metal rituals

Gary Sinclair, Ph. D, Dublin Institute of Technology

From demonic possession to the musical growl:

Scanning “monstrous” voices                         

Marcus Erbe, Ph. D, University of Cologne

Heavy Metal music in the Caribbean setting:

Social practices and meanings of music at the periphery. 
Nelson Varas-Diaz, Ph. D & Eliut Rivera-Segarra, University of Puerto Rico
No Fun:

Noise Music, Avant-garde Aggression, and Sonic Punishment

Ross Hagen, Ph. D, Utah Valley University

The Last Report: Throbbing Gristle and Audio Extremes

Brian Cogan, Ph. D, Molloy College

The Time is Right to Set Our Sight on Salvation: Hardcore Punk and Krishna Consciousness.

Colin Helb, Ph. D, Elizabethtown College

Aggressively Weird: The Butthole Surfers Shred the West Coast, 86-91.                               

Michael Lupro, Ph. D, Portland State University

The Cult of Hellmouth: The Success of Contemporary Hardcore

Eric James Abbey, Oakland Community College


Eric James Abbey, Oakland Community College


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